Golaem Crowd 6.1.2 for Maya 2016 – 2018 Win

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Golaem Crowd 6.1.2 for Maya 2016 – 2018 Win

Golaem Crowd 6.1.2 for Maya 2016 – 2018 Win

Golaem releases Golaem Crowd 6.1.2, is a crowd creation tool for Autodesk Maya, and it manages everything from making, animating and simulating a crowd, to rendering.

GOLAEM 6.1.2 (2017/09/28)

– Support of subdivision in 3Delight
– Support of subdivision in Redshift
– Support of n-edges faces in V-Ray
– Support of quad faces in Redshift
– Simulation Cache Library now opens library files in separate tabs
– Motion Mapping file in the Entity Type Node
– Meshes rendered with V-Ray RenderID now uses V-Ray ID generator
– Refresh Geometry button of the Simulation Cache Proxy Node also refreshes the rendering geometry cache
– New option to replay bone local orientations from the animation posture instead of the skeleton in the Physicalize Behavior
– New option to freeze cloth simulation in the ApexCloth Behavior
– New option to drive entities towards targets in the MeshPin Behavior
– Full component selection within the Population Tool and the Simulation Cache Proxy Node in Maya 2018
– Use Shift key to add / remove Entities to the current selection in the Simulation Cache Proxy Node in Maya 2018
– Use ‘L’ to auto layout selected nodes in the Channel Operator Editor
– Grouped layers are deleted when the Group is deleted in the Simulation Layout Tool
– Selected layers are deleted when selected in the Simulation Layout Tool
– Fixed a bug when using the Time Offset Layer with a SnapTo Layer in the Simulation Layout Tool
– Fixed a bug when using the Edit Bone Layer with a SnapTo Layer in the Simulation Layout Tool
– Fixed dynamic speedRatioPP in Motion and SyncMotion Behaviors
– Fixed Triangle Mesh mode in the Crowd Rigid Body Node
– Fixed display of clothes in Simulation Cache Replay
– Fixed a crash when autocomputing the Character Skeleton in the Character Maker
– Fixed a crash when exporting gcg Geometry File with a joint-scaled bindpose
– Fixed vector expression parsing in ChOp nodes
– Fixed a layout bug in the Channel Operator Editor
– Fixed External Entity Locator undefined position when in collision with the NavMesh
– Vector expressions are consistently displayed in the Channel Operator Editor and the Visual Feedback
– Updated icon in the Visual Feedback and the Channel Operator Behavior for the Channel Operator Editor
– Rendering type can be fetched in the glmSimulationCacheTool command
– glmSpatialRequest command is deprecated
– Mtoa 1.4.X
– V-Ray For Maya 3.5X & 3.40.XX
– V-Ray For 3ds Max 3.60.XX
– Renderman Studio 21.3 & 21.4
– Mental Ray 3.13.X
– Redshift 2.5.30
– 3Delight Studio Pro 11.0.XX & 12.X
– Guerilla Render 1.4.4
– Katana 2.X (Arnold and Renderman)
– Also supported (but must be manually installed):
– Mtoa 2.0
– Redshift 2.0.91-93

Download: Golaem Crowd 6.1.2 for Maya 2016 – 2018 Win

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jeffrey spinner
jeffglobal writes:
Has anyone successfully installed this yet? I couldn't install the older version of Nuke, even though I was able
arshad writes:
FXPHD - Fusion Fundamentals, Part 1 - FUS110 FXPHD - Fusion Fundamentals, Part 2 - FUS110 Please if u can,
locuaz writes:
this works http://mega.nz/#!PsxggCjR!SY54zCUcA_trcm8PQKS_5atEWH8MEV0ZGrrKt2cQO9U
Renato de Souza
Renato1989 writes:
Hi, Thx for your help everything works fine.
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